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Regular expression in grep -E | awk print

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# 8  
 awk '/^<HTML>[A-Z][0-9]/ { printf "1,,,1,%s\n", substr($0,7,2) }' file.txt

# 9  
sed -n 's/^<HTML>\([A-Z][0-9]\).*/1,,,1,\1/p' file.txt

# 10  
Hi Again!

Here is an extended part of the script... I'd like to be sure that sed will work instead of grep....
grep -l "search string in files I want" smtp*.tmp > email_filenames_list.txt ;
cat email_filenames_list.txt | xargs cat >> smtp_all_emails_logs.txt ;
sed '/[A-Z][0-9]/ s#.*>\([A-Z][0-9]\).*#,1,,,1,\1#' smtp_all_emails_logs.log > out.txt ;
grep "^To" smtp_all_emails_logs.txt | awk '{print ","$2}' > recipients.txt ;
paste out.txt recipients.txt

the grep line definately works, but would sed run through a massive list of emails that have all been put in one file (smtp_all_email_logs.txt) and print:
etc in AIX environment

Another quick question: how can I stop a carrage return/line feed being included after the recipients email address? Cause it's screwing up my spreadsheet.

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