Question related to sed or awk or perl

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Old 09-30-2009
Question related to sed or awk or perl

Hi All,

I have a big file of 100,000 lines with the following format:

1,736870,736870,1,2,5,547,1253889535,1253889775,240,30,,US,0,00,-g 1253889445
1,881246,881246,1,2,6,402,1253889535,1253889775,240,30,,US,0,00,-g 1253889445
1,975311,975311,1,2,6,72,1253889535,1253889775,240,30,,US,0,00,-g 1253889445
1,1003112,1003112,1,2,2,93,1253889535,1253889775,240,30,,US,0,00,-g 1253889445
1,1013824,1013824,1,2,5,547,1253889535,1253889775,240,30,,US,0,00,-g 1253889445
1,1014543,1014543,1,2,3,72,1253889535,1253889775,240,30,,US,0,00,-g 1253889445
1,1016002,1016002,1,2,6,878,1253889535,1253889775,240,30,,US,0,00,-g 1253889445
1,1023369,1023369,1,2,1,1,1253889535,1253889775,240,30,,US,0,00,-g 1253889445
1,1026987,1026987,1,2,6,72,1253889535,1253889775,240,30,,US,0,00,-g 1253889445

I would like to get rid of the last field in all the lines. Basically I need a file without the last field "-g 1253889445" in every line.

The output file should look like this:

I am not quite comfortable with sed, awk or perl. Your help is really appreciated.


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Old 09-30-2009
Backup your data first:

sed 's [^,]*$  ' infile > _tmp_ && mv -- _tmp_ infile

Some sed implementations support in-place editing with the -i switch,
in that case you don't need to redirection and the mv command.

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Old 09-30-2009
$sed -i.BAK 's/,\-g [0-9]\+//g' inputfile

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Old 09-30-2009
a very easy way is to set the last field to null

nawk -F"," '{ $NF="" } 1 ' OFS=","   input_file

Best Regards
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Old 09-30-2009
Originally Posted by ahmad.diab
a very easy way is to set the last field to null

nawk -F"," '{ $NF="" } 1 ' OFS=","   input_file

Best Regards
Or if you have GNU awk:

gawk -F, NF-- OFS=, infile

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