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Nested foreach in perl

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Old 09-25-2009
Java Nested foreach in perl

I have two arrays

@nextArray contains some files like


@otherArray contains some files like


I need to to pick first file from @nextArray and first file from @otherArray and compare using a diff statement. Then 2nd and 2nd....last and last to print the difference for all the file elements. No of file elements are same.
foreach my $one (@nextArray){
foreach my $two (@otherArray){
system ("cleartool diff @nextThing @otherThing");

But this picks the last from @nextArray and last from @otherArray and giving the comparison. I believe that i am missing break in the inner loop. Please help me. Output must be like:
\main\1\Xul.xml@@\main\galileo_integration_sjc\0 and
\main\1\Xul.xml@@\main\galileo_integration_sjc\LATEST are compared and the diff is printed.
I am new to perl, please help me. Thanks in advance.
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Old 09-25-2009
assuming your filenames are not just examples but actually named '0' and 'LATEST', and paths are identical, you only need one array, and one loop:
foreach my $next (@nextArray) {
    # replace the string '0' at end of line with 'LATEST'
    my $latest =~ s/0$/LATEST/;
    system(cleartool diff $next $latest);

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Old 09-28-2009
Nested foreach in perl

Thanks a lot varontron!!! I got that.

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