translation of ' in system () or connecting strings

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Old 09-16-2009
translation of ' in system () or connecting strings


I have a problem with the translation of the following command. In Shell the radiance-command work like that:
gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-'$1'*t' 1 1

But I don't know how to deal with this command in system().

I tried this:
befehl1="gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-"$1"*t' 1 1 >temp.rad"

But it is just printing exactly the command with the replaced $1. How can I solve the '. Can someone tell me maybe a possibility to connect strings or another solution?

Thanks for the help,
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Old 09-16-2009
Can you show us the line of your code that contains the system() call?
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Old 09-16-2009
of course. sorry:

cat runde.txt |awk '{
                               if ($5==2) {
                                                   dataname_v= " $1 "_" $4 "_adjust.rad
                                                   befehl1="gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-"$7"*t' 1 1 > dataname_v"

Thanks for help. So the problem is the '-sign, because in awk it is used for '{ and always when I am changing the befehl-variable it tells me "unexpected end of file" or it is just printing the command in the temp.rad...
And if I am changing it into:

befehl1="gensurf seitenwand rollerblind1 '-0.95*s' '0.046' '2.85-"$7"*t' 1 1" ">" dataname_v 

It is just printing some results on the screen, but not into the files...

So I thought of connecting the strings somehow? Or is there maybe another solution?

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