ksh + isql => output cut at 2 GB

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Old 09-16-2009
ksh + isql => output cut at 2 GB

Using a ksh script, I'm dumping the data from our sybase database into an output file. This output file is for what ever reason cut at 2GB.

There is enough space on the unix machine and as there is no error message is received I have no clue to start looking for a solution.

#! /usr/bin/ksh

# This scripts extracts data from Sybase for the audit. A complete subscriber dump is retrived
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------

if [[ $STATUS != 0 ]] 
  echo "[$STATUS] - $2"
  exit $STATUS

function getDate
  print -n "`date '+%Y%m%d.%H%M%S'`"

. $AUDIT_MAIN_HOME/bin/audit.conf

export SUBPATH=${SUBPATH%/*}

$SUBPATH/../common/outputFile_date.sh $*

checkError $? "parameter checking failed"

export OUTPUT_FILE=$1
export INPUT_DATE=$2
export INPUT_NDC=470

# replaces .sh by .sql
export SQL_SCRIPT=${0%.sh}.sql

. $SUBPATH/db_parameter.sh


# A new temporary query is created


CMD="$JAVA_BIN/java -jar $PROGRAM \
-input_file $SQL_SCRIPT \
-db_area $TMP_DATABASE \
-effective_date $SQL_EFFECTIVE_DATE \
-ndc $INPUT_NDC \
-mapping_file $AUDIT_MAIN_HOME/input/hlrd/pni_hlrd_mapping.xml"
echo CMD[$CMD]


-w1000 -o$OUTPUT_FILE -A8192 -b -i$SQL_SCRIPT_TMP"


# Defines the start of the query
getDate | read START_TIME


# Defines the end of the query
getDate | read END_TIME
export END_TIME

checkError $? "Error in the dump process"

# File created?
[[ -f $OUTPUT_FILE ]]
checkError $? "not created file[$OUTPUT_FILE]"

# build file report

checkError $? "pni query failed failed"

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Does anyone have an idea why the -o option doesn't create files > 2 GB?
Using the > I can create larger files.
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Old 09-16-2009
Suggest look up your Operating System exact make and version and exact version of Sybase, then look at this article from Sybase:

Sybase Technical News - Volume 8, Number 1 Newsletter: Database Management - Sybase Inc

Obviously there may be later articles for later Operating Systems.
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