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help in my simple script

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Old 09-15-2009
help in my simple script

Hi friends
I have a file with two colums separated by Tab, the second colum had some numbers like the following:
koko    2
toto3   4
momo6    1
hoho    0
bobo5    3

I'm trying to make a script that give me the results for rows when the second colum value are greater than 1
I make the following as a bigen , can you help me please to complete it
result=`cat file|cut -f 2`
for x in $result
if [ $x -gt 1 ]
        grep $x


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Old 09-15-2009
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nawk '$2>1' myFile

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Old 09-15-2009
trying a fix to your code I came up with the following:
result=`cat file | tr '011' ' '| cut -f 2 -d' '`
for x in $result
if [ $x -gt 1 ]
        grep "  $x" file

I got rid of the 'exit' as you won't process anything after a value that is less than or equal to 1 otherwise. I added the name of the file to the 'grep' command so it knew where to search for the match, and I added a 'tr' command to change the tab to a space and then cut get's a '-d' switch to separate the fields on that space.
This assumes you have only one tab separating the columns of data, and seems to work for me.
However, I would rewrite it like the following, so as to process this with one step inside a loop:
while read c1 c2 
if [ $c2 -gt 1 ]
     printf "%s\t%s\n" $c1 $c2 
done < file

Using a while loop to loop through the file, the read command separates the output into two variables. Test the second variable, and if the criteria is met, just reconstruct the known format of the file with a printf statement, rather than greping the original file.
Caveat: I don't have access to 'bash' but I do have access to a bourne shell, so I used that. Probably shouldn't make a difference in this code.

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Old 09-15-2009
I have this;


for x in `cat -t file`
        result=`echo $x | sed s:'^.*^I'::`
        if [ $result -gt 1 ]
                echo $x | sed s:'\^I:    ':

With the -t flag in cat i've changed your tabs for this ---> ^I.
Then, the way i see it, is easier to handle each entry.


result=`echo $x | sed s:'^.*^I'::`

i cut everything from the beginning to ^I inclusive, for instance it changes koko^I2 to just the last 2.

Now i can say which is bigger than 1.

To give them the tab back i do...

echo $x | sed s:'\^I:    ':

i´m not very happy with it but it works and changes ^I for four spaces in the result.

That's all.
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Old 09-15-2009
did you guys miss post number 2? awk can do what you want in about 8 keystrokes.
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Old 09-16-2009
No I didn't miss it. Yes it does solve the problem rather quickly and neatly.

What it doesn't do is improve the OP's shell scripting. Sure, he gets a working fix now, but the next time when he has to write a shell script to solve a different problem, and it turns out like his first attempt here, he's back for a quick fix again. "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day ..."

Not sure why you have a problem with this.
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Old 09-21-2009
I really missed it. I did. I thought it was an example to illustrate the forum editing standards and didn't read it.
But if you are learning, i think there is nothing wrong with see different solutions.


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