problem in access in array variables

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Old 09-15-2009
thanks a ton vgersh & sidorenko,
u solved my problem.Smilie

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reporter-mailx - Sends contents of a problem directory via email. SYNOPSIS
reporter-mailx [-v] -d DIR [-c CONFFILE] DESCRIPTION
The tool reads a problem directory, composes an email message from the directory contents, and uses mailx to send the message to specified recipient. Properties of email messages can be specified in a configuration file, and via environment variables. Configuration file Configuration file contains entries in a format "Option = Value". The options are: Subject The subject of the email message. EmailFrom The sender of the email message. EmailTo The recipient of the email message. SendBinaryData Use yes/true/on/1 to attach all binary files from the problem directory to the email. This can cause the emails to be very large. Integration with ABRT events reporter-mailx can be used as a reporter, to allow users report problems via email when they decide to do it. This usage is pre-configured in /etc/libreport/events.d/mailx_event.conf: EVENT=report_Mailx reporter-mailx It can also be used to notify administrator automatically when a problem happens. When this is desired, modify the event configuration file to run the tool on the post-create event: EVENT=post-create reporter-mailx OPTIONS
-d DIR Path to problem directory. -c CONFFILE Path to configuration file. When used in ABRT event system, the file contains site-wide configuration. Users can change the values via environment variables. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
Environment variables take precedence over values provided in the configuration file. Mailx_Subject Subject of the email message. Mailx_EmailFrom Sender of the email message. Mailx_EmailTo Recipient of the email message. If nor the environment variable nor the corresponding option is defined, the message is send to "root@localhost". Mailx_SendBinaryData Use yes/true/on/1 to attach all binary files from the problem directory to the email. AUTHORS
o ABRT team LIBREPORT 2.1.11 06/18/2014 REPORTER-MAILX(1)

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