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Replacing string in multiple files

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Old 09-10-2009
Replacing string in multiple files


I need to replace the string 'abcd' with 'xyz' in a file sample.xml
This sample.xml is also present in the subdirectories of the current directory.


If I am in /user/home/

the sample.xml if present in

I tried using
sed "s/abcd/xyz/g" sample.xml > temp; mv temp sample.xml;

But this replaces only the sample.xml in /user/home/ directory.

Please help on this
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Old 09-10-2009
Please test and try this....

for i in `find /user/home/ -type f`
sed "s/abcd/xyz/g" $i > temp; mv temp $i;

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Old 09-11-2009

I modified little bit and this worked.
for y in `find . -name sample.xml`;
sed 's/abcd/xyz/g' $y > temp; mv temp $y;

Thanks for your help
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Old 09-11-2009
Another variation

find ~ -name "sample.xml" -exec sed -i 's/abcd/xyz/' {} \;

Warning: But be very careful while running all these, as it will recursively edit all the sample.xml file in your home directory.

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