Writing in a socket trough TCL problem.

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Old 09-10-2009
Writing in a socket trough TCL problem.

Hello everyone:

I have a script that writes and read DATA in/from a socket, but i have a great problem while writing.

My socket is created in this way:

set connection [socket -async $server $main_port]
fconfigure $connection -encoding binary -translation binary -blocking 1

And the writer procedure is this one:

proc p_send_data { DATA } {
  global connection
  puts -nonewline $connection $DATA
  flush $connection

This works, except when i call "p_send_data" many times and quickly (pej: while {1} {p_send_data "ksdjfksdf"}).

If my socket is in "blocking mode" , where is the problem??!! socket must remain blocked until it becomes writable, shouldn't it?

And tracing with "tcpdump" , "puts" command only works first and second time is called, after that, "puts" command is executed but it doesn't write anything in socket.

I have try also with my socket in "nonblocking mode" and writing in this way
fileevent $connection writable [puts $connection $DATA; flush $connection]

But the result is the same, the program "executes" all "puts" and "flush" instructions but there is not any trace with tcpdump .


PD sorry for my english.
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