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Mail from awk


I need to write a single line command which will check whether input variable is 0 or 1. if it is 0 then it should send a mail without attachment else it should send mail with attachment.

I have to write in single line command. is there any way in awk?

Please help me..
Any help on this pls...


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mlmmj-send(1)						      General Commands Manual						     mlmmj-send(1)

mlmmj-send - send mail to a mailinglist or similar SYNOPSIS
mlmmj-send [-L /path/to/list | -l listctrl] -m /path/to/mail [-a] [-D] [-F] [-h] [-o] [-r] [-R] [-s] [-T] [-V] -a: Don't archive the mail -D: Don't delete the mail after it's sent -F: What to use as MAIL FROM: -h: This help -l: List control variable. -L: Full path to list directory -m: Full path to mail file -o: Address to omit from distribution (normal mail only) -r: Relayhost IP address (defaults to -R: What to use as Reply-To: header -s: Subscribers file name -T: What to use as RCPT TO: -V: Print version DESCRIPTION
This binary is used to send all kinds of mail to mlmmj managed mailinglists, but can potentially be used standalone for sending mails. The only option that is not self explanatory is the -l list control option: '1' means 'send a single mail' This is used together with -F and -T to send one mail to one recipient. '2' means 'mail to moderators' Used for sending mails to the moderators of a list. '3' means 'resend failed list mail' '4' means 'send to file with recipients' '5' means 'bounceprobe' '6' means 'single listmail to single recipient' BUGS
This manual page is very scarce documentation of the mlmmj-send binary. The reason for this is that it's really not supposed to be used by any human, but only supposed to be invoked from other mlmmj binaries. So in case more documentation is needed, please read the source. AUTHORS
This manual page was written by the following persons: Soren Boll Overgaard <> (based on html2man output) Mads Martin Jorgensen <> mlmmj-send January 2010 mlmmj-send(1)