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Old 11-06-2003
recursive rcp

I wrote a shell script (AIX) to extract the file "/rep1/toto" from all the hosts referred in a list and send them to one local directory named ~/$host-$file with the hostname as prefix

rcp -p user@host:/rep1/$file ~/$host-$file

where file = toto ==> it works !

I would do the same thing but with "/rep1/toto*" (all files beginning with toto in /rep1 ) and naming these files "$host-$file"

for example : host1-toto1 ; host1-toto2 etc...

could someone help me , please

thanks in advance

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Old 11-06-2003
for i in `rsh $server "ls /rep1/"`
rcp /rep1/${i} mycomefromserver:/path/to-dir/${server}-${i}

Regs David
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Old 11-06-2003
Thanks for your answer , but first i would test if i enter :

/rep1/toto or

/rep1/toto* , in other words if the input contains a "*"

to do or not the loop

i'm searching for the test , if you have the answer please welcome !

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Old 11-06-2003
case $INPUT in 
    *\*) echo input ends with a star;; 
    *) echo otherwise;; 

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Old 11-06-2003
Thanks that's right ,

last thing , for the same script i would extract the filename from a string whether the string is short or long :

/rep1/rep2/rep3/file => file

or /rep1/file => file

i'm trying with awk command and NR parameter without success at this time , maybe (for sure) you will find before me ?


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Old 11-06-2003
For sure, lookup the dirname and basename commands
basename /rep1/rep2/rep3/file

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Old 11-06-2003
in french , we say "bon dieu mais c'est bien sûr"

=> oh god for sure

sorry i'm surely tired , it was so simple !

thanks a lot

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