Help me to create a phone book using shell script

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Old 09-07-2009
Question Help me to create a phone book using shell script

Hi guys...
can any one help me out with creating a phone book:

CP5290 Assignment: Phonebook
Due 4 pm Friday 25th September 2009 Weight: 15%
You are to implement a Phonebook using Shell scripting and UNIX command line utilities and
commands. Some documentation will also be required.
Background and Expectations
The Phonebook is like a phonebook that one might have on the mobile phone or on your mail
address book. This simply means that it should feature the following points.
1. Store the FirstName, LastName and MiddleName along with Salutations
2. Facility for Multiple Numbers and type of numbers, eg. Mobile, Home, Work, etc
3. Store multiple addresses with the facility to flag one as the default address
4. Store email address(es) and web URL
5. Store notes/comments about the contact
6. Create Groups that can hold contacts / Mailing lists

So to manage these functionalities, the script should allow the user to Add new entries, Delete
existing entries, modify/edit the entries along with the facility to List and Search. The script
should be usable in both interactive mode and as a command line script.
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Old 09-07-2009
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