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Old 09-07-2009
echo $path"  <-->  "$cmd

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Old 09-08-2009

Thanks Guys !!

but i need help in capturing that whole string and the commands you guys have mentioned are working fine but before i use them i need that complete string stored in a variable.

How do i capture all of below in a variable ?

"/var/itlm/wasagent/jre/bin/java -classpath properties:lib/admin.jar:lib/bootstrap.jar:lib/classloader.jar:lib/ecutils.jar:lib/emf.jar:lib/ffdc.jar:lib/idl.jar:lib/iwsorb.jar:lib/j2ee.jar:lib/mail-impl.jar:lib/management.jar:lib/naming.jar:lib/namingclient.jar:lib/ras.jar:lib/runtime.jar:lib/sas.jar:lib/security.jar:lib/soap.jar:lib/tmx4jc.jar:lib/tx.jar:lib/utils.jar:lib/wasjmx.jar:lib/wasproduct.jar:lib/wlmclient.jar:lib/wsexception.jar:lib/wssec.jar:wasagent.jar:resources.jar:jlog.jar:jffdc.jar:tivolicommondir.jar:ITLMToolkit.jar -Djlog.propertyFileDir=/var/itlm/wasagent -Ditlm.agent.dir=/var/itlm -Dcom.ibm.SOAP.ConfigURL=file:/var/itlm/wasagent/properties/soap.client.props -Djava.naming.factory.initial=com.ibm.websphere.naming.WsnInitialContextFactory -Ditlm.config.dir=/etc -Ditlm.agent.pid=98796 com.ibm.it.rome.wasagent"

Help Appreciated !! i am pressed for time !!

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Old 09-08-2009

Use command substitution:

var=$( your_command )

The output of your_command will be stored in ${var}.
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Old 09-08-2009

I am not having these strings ready.

I would be getting them on runtime and need to capture then.

ps -ef |grep java

would display all java threads ,where command column would be such a string.

I need to get that in a variable and then i can use the commands posted here.

I am not sure if 'sed' needs to be used here.

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Old 09-08-2009

Why do you need sed?

var=$( ps -ef |grep java )

Or if you just need one field:

var=$( ps -efo comm |grep java )

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Old 09-08-2009

With due respect,i think you have not understood my query.

'ps -ef|grep java' was just an example.

The command i am running all the time is

COLUMNS=2047 /usr/bin/ps -eo pid,ppid,uid,user,args

Whenever this command runs,whatever processes are up and running would be shown.The 5th column is 'args' column which could be any string.

for e.g
/sbin/startpar -f -- /etc/init.d/rc3.d/S19named-internal

My query is :

How do i get all of this string in a variable?

Pls note that i need script code to do this.I am not assigning this string to a variable on a command prompt for some R&D purpose.

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Old 09-08-2009

Do you have a command that will get you that line?

If so, put that command inside command substitution syntax:

var=$( whatever_the_command_is_goes_here )

The output of whatever_the_command_is_goes_here will be stored in ${var}.
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