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Old 09-03-2009
Originally Posted by methyl
I've tried both our scripts in HP-UX 11.11 /bin/sh (a hard link to /usr/bin/sh) and both scripts work. Please try my construct in your shell and let me know if there is an issue.

There's no need to try it. It doesn't work in anything except a KornShell.
Neither script works in Bourne shell (mine misbehaves, yours gives syntax errors).

Mine will work in a Bourne shell if you change $( ... ) to ` ... `.
We both have omitted to check what the o/p is using.

Since every system for at least 10 years has a POSIX shell, I assume that as a minimum, and post solutions that will work in a POSIX shell.

On occasion, I use bash syntax (usually also works in ksh93), but I make it clear that that's what it is.
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