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Old 09-02-2009
Help with command cut


I have a script that use some files and generate one file using these files. The main command that i am using in the script is the command cut, but it is very low, and i would like another command to generate my file faster...

My need is be able to use another command similar than "cut" but more fast...


Sorry for my english Smilie

the code is the next:

//these are some of the input files that i am using, but the content not
// is important
# Cycle through all the Legal Entities in the file.
for lines in `cat $copyfile | sed "s/ /*/g"`;

    cpy=`echo $lines | cut -f2 -d";"`
    sector=`echo $lines | cut -f8 -d";"`
# Rating is preferably obtained from issuer rating file. If not possible,
# we use the Legal Entity rating.
    rating=`grep "^$cpy " $TEPR_CFG_PAIS/TEPR_Pcre_Ratemi.txt | cut -f2 -d" "`
    if [[ -z $rating ]]; then
       rating=`echo $lines | cut -f9 -d";"`
# Non rated counterparties now come as BB- in the Legal Entity file,
# so there is no more need to change CCCs. Old conversion is commented
# below.
# NLW Feb06
# Unknown ratings come as CCC. We transform them into BBB. Known CCC+
# and CCC- are transformed into CCC. Unfortunately, a known CCC will
# be considered BBB.
#    if [[ $rating == "CCC" ]]; then
#       rating="BB-"
#    fi
    if [[ $rating == "CCC+" ]]; then
    if [[ $rating == "CCC-" ]]; then
    if [[ $rating == "C" ]]; then

#   Rating information is now available in the the last field of the LEGAL_ENTITY file.
#   Country information must be obtained from the HISTCLI and ALTACLI files that are
#   in the dat/se directory. We generate cpylist as follows:
#   `cat TEPR_TRIDA_In_????HISTCLI.TXT TEPR_TRIDA_In_????ALTACLI.TXT|cut -b2-11,97-99 | sort -u >cpylist`
#   pais=`echo $cpyfile | cut -f2 -d" "`
#   etc...
#   If country is not found in cpyfile, we just set it to ES. Losses to the 
#   counterparty will be properly generated and included in the Spain group for 
#   marginal reports. An error message is issued
#   We do not include any "group" counterparty, since there are no transactions 
#   related to them.
#   NLW,   Apr-2005
    if [[ $cpy != G_* ]]; then 
#   We now obtain the country directly from the Legal Entity file, so there is
#   no more need to use the cpylist methodology described above. 
#   Original code is commented below
#   NLW Oct 05
#      pais=`grep "^$cpy " $cfgfile4 | cut -b11-12`
       pais=`echo $lines | cut -f10 -d";"`
       if [[ -z $pais ]]; then
            export TEPR_CodMsgCarga=TEPR5004S#INF00
            export TEPR_MSG_ERRCOD=INFO
            . $TEPR_UTI_MPAIS/TEPR_MPais_MsgScript.SH
#   Obtain the recovery rate of the counterparty according to the contents of the
#   TEPR_Pcre_ListRecovery99.csv (counterparties with 0.99 recovery) and to 
#   the sector field. 
#   Changed to include the list of developed countries that have 80% recovery for
#   both the sector "Gobierno" and "Sector Financiero". However, the counterparties
#   in the ListRecovery99 file still have 99% recovery, independent of country and
#   sector.  All the others have 60% recovery.
#   NLW Oct 05

       banking=`grep \;$cpy\; $cfgfile3`
       if [ $banking ]; then 
          developed=`grep ^$pais $cfgfile5`
          if [[ -n $developed ]]; then             
             if [[ $sector == "GOBIERNOS" ]]; then
          if [[ $sector == "SECTOR*FINANCIERO" ]]; then
       buffer=`grep ",$rating," $cfgfile2 | grep ",$rr,"` 
       buffer=`echo $buffer | sed "s/CONTRAPARTE/$cpy/g" | sed "s/PAIS/$pais/g" | sed "s/SECTOR/$sector/g" | sed "s/*/ /g"` 
       echo "cpy=$cpy pais=$pais sector=$sector rr=$rr"
       echo "buffer: $buffer"
       echo $buffer >>$outputdir/$outputfile

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Old 09-02-2009
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Old 09-02-2009
Originally Posted by the_pas
The main command that i am using in the script is the command cut, but it is very slow, and i would like another command to generate my file faster...
  1. First you have to read carefully Useless Use of Cat Award
  2. Once you understand you can start improving your script.
  3. Try to use the shell built-in commands as much as possible.

Few example of UUOC from your script.
for lines in `cat $copyfile | sed "s/ /*/g"`;

    cpy=`echo $lines | cut -f2 -d";"`
    sector=`echo $lines | cut -f8 -d";"`

pais=`grep "^$cpy " $cfgfile4 | cut -b11-12`

       buffer=`grep ",$rating," $cfgfile2 | grep ",$rr,"` 
       buffer=`echo $buffer | sed "s/CONTRAPARTE/$cpy/g" | sed "s/PAIS/$pais/g" | sed "s/SECTOR/$sector/g" | sed "s/*/ /g"`

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