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Old 09-02-2009
problem in date comparision


var="2009-08-31 12:39:05 UTC"

ddate=`echo $var|cut -d' ' -f1`
y1=`echo $ddate|cut -d'-' -f1`
m1=`echo $ddate|cut -d'-' -f2`
d1=`echo $ddate|cut -d'-' -f3`


if [[ $filedate -lt $currdate ]]; then
                echo "$LINE -> $filedate LOWER THAN $currdate"
                echo "$LINE -> $filedate GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO $currdate"


if [[ $filedate -lt $currdate ]]; then
                echo "$LINE -> $filedate LOWER THAN $currdate"
                echo "$LINE -> $filedate GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO $currdate"


-> 20090831 GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 20070814
-> 20090831 GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 20070930

but if u see the filedate 20070930 should be lower than 20070930 if we go by date wise comparision. and i expected the value to be "$filedate LOWER THAN $currdate"

Can you please suggest me on this

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Sorry for the confusion i got the answer:

-> 20090831 GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 20090814
-> 20090831 LOWER THAN 20090930

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