How to execute the multiple line sql using shell script

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Old 09-01-2009
How to execute the multiple line sql using shell script

Hi All,
Please help me to write a shell script to execute the below sql query.

select c.account_no,b.bill_no,a.pay_type,(b.total_due + b.recvd + b.adjusted + b.disputed + b.transferred) as amt_not_billed,d.cash_on_delivery,
(select j.bill_no from
billinfo_T y,
bill_t j
y.poid_id0 = j.BILLINFO_OBJ_ID0
y.LAST_BILL_T = 1249077600
y.bill_info_id = 'COD'
y.account_obj_id0 = c.poid_id0
j.bill_no is not null
a.billing_status_flags as is_suspended
from billinfo_T a,
bill_t b,
account_t c,
pr_contract_profile_t d
a.POID_ID0 = b.billinfo_obj_id0
and c.poid_id0 = a.account_obj_id0
and c.aac_source = 'PR Billing Account'
and a.pay_type = 10005
and b.bill_no is not null
and (b.total_due + b.recvd + b.adjusted + b.disputed + b.transferred) < 0.2
and d.order_num ='test'
and a.bill_info_id = 'Default Bill';

Thanks in advance.
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Old 09-01-2009
which sql ?
Using mysql, I'd put it in a here-doc.
mysql -h $Host -D $Database -u $User -p <<<EOF
# your query

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