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read parts of binary files by "ranges"

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting read parts of binary files by "ranges"
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read parts of binary files by "ranges"

i read the "cat" manpages,
but i could not find to tell it like

"read file XY.BIN from byte 1000 to byte 5000"

can somebody please point me into the right direction?

cat would be the ideal tool for my purpose, the way it behaves, but i miss this ranges option.

thanks for any input.
# 2  
# cat file1

dd skip=3 bs=1 count=5 if=file1 of=file2

# cat file2

In your case:
# 3  
thanks man,

your solution is not really what i need, cause it should be performance optimized, creating a second file is no good choice,

but you brought me to the DD command SmilieSmilieSmilieSmilie

i totally did not think of that one..

big thanks!!

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