How to Delete Last Row from .csv file in perl

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Old 08-31-2009
Thanks radoulov!
This worked fine for me.

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ifpps - fetch and format kernel network statistics SYNOPSIS
ifpps -d|--dev <netdev> [-t|--interval <sec>][-p|--promisc][-c|--term] [-C|--csv][-H|--csv-tablehead][-l|--loop][-v|--version][-h|--help] DESCRIPTION
A tiny tool to provide top-like reliable networking statistics. ifpps reads out the 'real' kernel statistics, so it does not give erroneous statistics on high I/O load. OPTIONS
ifpps --dev eth0 Fetch eth0 interface statistics. ifpps --dev eth0 --interval 60 --csv Output eth0 interface statistics every minute in CSV format. OPTIONS
-h|--help Print help text and lists all options. -v|--version Print version. -d|--dev <netdev> Device to fetch statistics for i.e., eth0. -p|--promisc Put the device in promiscuous mode -t|--interval <time> Refresh time in sec (default 1 sec) -c|--term Output to terminal -C|--csv Output in CSV format. E.g. post-processing with Gnuplot et al. -H|--csv-tablehead Print CSV table head. -l|--loop Loop terminal output. AUTHOR
Written by Daniel Borkmann <> DOCUMENTATION
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