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removing extra files in dos

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# 8  
Old 08-27-2009
Hi Namith ,

The only way i found is

del access.0*

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Old 08-27-2009
Originally Posted by namishtiwari
Hi Festus,

i have already tried this option and it does not work. it will delete all the files including access.

What dos???
Must be one of the newer M$lop... xp|>

That should not happen ... That is the correct method.
The .??? signifies that there must be 3 characters following a dot!

If the .0?? or .0* don't work for ya, move your access file to another dir then del *.*... then it can't delete it... Smilie

fh : )_~
# 10  
Old 08-27-2009
Create a batch (.bat) file not called access.bat (!) containing:

for %%f in (access.???) do @echo del %%f | find "." >> temp.bat
call temp.bat
del temp.bat

Explanation: Generates a list of all files access.??? (which includes "access"), output in format "del filename" but ignore line not containing "." . Then execute the output batch file "temp.bat".
# 11  
Old 08-27-2009
try this
for /f "usebackq" %%i in (`dir /b access.*`) do (
	if not %%i==access del /f /q %%i

# 12  
Old 08-27-2009
Combined with b33713 ideas:

@echo off
for %%f in (access.???) do (if not %%f==access del %%f)

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