Need awk script to compare 2 fields in fixed length file.

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Need awk script to compare 2 fields in fixed length file.
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Old 08-25-2009
Need awk script to compare 2 fields in fixed length file.

Need a script that manipulates a fixed length file that will compare 2 fields in that file and if they are equal write that line to a new file.

i.e. If fields 87-93 = fields 119-125, then write the entire line to a new file. Do this for every line in the file. After we get only the fields that have duplicates in a separate file, take that file and look in field 83, if it equals 66 or 88 then delete that line and save to a new file.

I would prefer not to do this in Perl, not many people in this office use or understand Perl. The files format is something like this:

6ZDA90603C5559518898683765109438327630000100000002132P008377612{22004020AZ 07332  195572A2008101645781015365999999SWZSHINABFMN                              PZTENNBD                    F                                  281808023Z19721202  365944281 00354299505F85323          CC0501AB            000900000000{  7242                                            2001A{{0000002132P00000000{0000000000{0000002132P0000000000{0000000000{0000000000{3{2004622008110109WC0725200810170830009031                                                       2008110320081103O001200401062004010699245                   00{00000000{00002132P00000000{NW0000{00000000{C00002132PA1                       AZ 270036484A01785306    207L00000XY1270036484    22O3R03MO   BZ 108  V       00                  0   E 03O00105
8WGB90603C000951889962167553050300000007900000234481K000000000{22007078AZ 97698  14084052008103120081024601502995SAZPERRY                              FRGWQFTY                                                     000066760S19760301  112321919400735900702F85613    F     AH0301AA            000800000000{  7244                                            2003A{{0000007854E00000000{0000007350{0000002607E0000000000{0000000000{0000000000{1A2004622008110109WC0725200811030860785028                                                       2007032176431103I00120040422200404229590059                 00D00002840{00000534E00000000{NW0000{00000000{B00000534E42                       AZ 860566486L00285635    2084N0400XY1             11O1A05ZZ   BZ 108WCW       00                  1 01E   O04113
6MDA90603C000951889962120083050300000007900000234481K000000000{22007078AZ 97698  14084053467103120081024601502995SAZPERRY                              MAINE                                                     785633760S19760301  112321919400735900702F85613    F     AH0301AA            000800000000{  7244                                            1822A{{0000002607E00000000{0022007350{0000002607E0468300000{0000000000{0000000000{1A2004622008110109WC0725200811030860785028                                                       2007032112541103I002200404222004042295904                   00D99992680{00001703{00000000{NW0000{67800000{B00001703{42                       AZ 860566486L00285635    2084N0400XY1             11O1A05ME   BZ 108WCW       00                  1 01E   O04013

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Old 08-25-2009
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something to start with:
nawk 'substr($0,87,93-87+1) == substr($0, 119, 125-119+1)' myFile

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