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xargs command problem

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Old 08-24-2009
xargs command problem

I am trying to use "xargs" command to loop through each file, modify it and overwrite the old file with the modification but with the same file name.

I thought it is easy but I just can't get it to work

I tried the following
I thought {} would give me the current file name, but it doesn't. It just create a file with name '{}'

Any idea?

ls ./Client*log | xargs nawk '{
   print substr($3, 2, length($3)-2)
}' > ./temp | xargs mv ./temp {}

Thanks in advance for your help
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Old 08-25-2009
The output of "... > ./temp" is nothing. So you are piping nothing into the second xargs.

You might have better luck with something like this:
for f in ./Client*log; do
    nawk ... $f > temp
    mv -f temp $f

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