Adding a Fileinput loop to exsiting script.

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Old 08-24-2009
Question Adding a Fileinput loop to exsiting script.

Smilie I'm very confused on what I need to do. I've looked at if, while, but I can't seem to visualize where in my current script to put the commands.
I'm looking to read a directory /ERD/iface/data/ocom/citi/idd because there will be multible files, but I need to process them one at a time. The Process is copy the file, encrypt the file, send the file, delete the file. How do I loop this? Thank you VERY much.

# Set local variables.
FILEIN=decrypt*  (all files are named decrypt_test_move_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS)

# ONLY send mail and first cp lines need to change below this line. #
# Error_Successmsg routine function.
mail -s " $SN failed in $FAILSCRIPT " mdurette@*****.com </home/pgp/CFSUSA/notes/failcfs
echo " $SUCCESSMSG was successful "
# Change to the $SAPDIRIN directory and copy the file from SAP to PGP
if [ $START = 0 ]; then
cp $FILEIN /home/pgp/CFSUSA/outgoing_files/decrypted/$FILEOUT > $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
echo "The copy from SAP to PGP RC= $COPY" >> $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
exit $START
# If the copy was successful, encrypt the file.
if [ $COPY = 0 ]; then
/home/pgp/scripts/$ENCRYPT \
echo "The encrypting of the decrypt file RC= $PGP" >> $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
exit $COPY
# If encryption was successful, test if EDI server is up.
if [ $PGP = 0 ]; then
/etc/ping -c 1 ecprod >> $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
echo "The pinging of ECPROD server RC= $PING" >> $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
exit $PGP
# If encryption and ping was successful, send the file out.
if [ $PING = 0 ]; then
/usr/local/bin/$SEND >> $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
echo "The encrypted file has been sent RC= $SEND" >> $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
mail -s "Script Citibank IDD File System" -c "mdurette@*****.com" \
exit $PING
# If the send was successful, delete the SAP file, decrypted file encrypted file.
if [ $SEND = 0 ]; then
rm -f $FILEIN >> $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
rm -f $FILEOUT.pgp >> $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
echo "The Decrypted RC= $REMV2 file and the Encrypted RC= $REMV3 file have been deleted. " >> $MSGDIR/$SN 2>&1
exit $SEND
# End of script.

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Old 08-24-2009
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Thank You.

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Old 08-24-2009
Example for loop that print all the files insede directory /ERD/iface/data/ocom/citi/idd
for name_file in `ls /ERD/iface/data/ocom/citi/idd`
   echo $name_file

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