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Old 08-20-2009
Selecting Lines on text file

Hi All,

I am creating a script that sends log data from text files to a Database and I will like to read sugestions, as I think that there might be better ways to achive this than with my shell script; maybe perl or I don't know, but I will like to read some sugestions.

The log is from Nagios, here is an example of the data I am interested in:
[1230791427] EXTERNAL COMMAND: PROCESS_SERVICE_CHECK_RESULT;SACNT141;SQL Event Log;2;Application [error] [mssqlserver #17055]: 3041 : BACKUP failed to complete the command BACKUP DATABASE [Apple_InterchangeSQ] TO [Apple_InterchangeSQ_Full] WITH  INIT
[1230791545] HOST ALERT: FSERVWEB;DOWN;SOFT;1; is unreachable (loss: 100%)
[1230791685] SERVICE DOWNTIME ALERT: ZCREH000;SYSTEM-DISK;STOPPED; Service has exited from a period of scheduled downtime
[1230793487] HOST DOWNTIME ALERT: MILSTARS;STOPPED; Host has exited from a period of scheduled downtime
[1230793964] SERVICE DOWNTIME ALERT: TXSLRCAD1;DISK-USAGE-E-90-95;STOPPED; Service has exited from a period of scheduled downtime

As you can see, there is a Timestamp, the type of alert and the information separated by commas. The diferent log entries have different Columns, thus I separate them according to the alert type, and then arrange the data to fit into my Database.

What will be the best way to read line by line, and according to the Alert type; create a CSV line with the info to be sent to the database (or put it directly in case of perl or PHP)....

Any advise is welcome, as I am currently using a shell script with grep and awk... and I feel is not the best way to do it.


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Old 08-20-2009
i hope help you:

while read line
        TypeAlert=`echo "$line" | awk -F":" '{ split ( $1,vect,"]");   print vect[2] }'|sed "s/^  *//"`
        if [ "$TypeAlert" = "EXTERNAL COMMAND" ]
                echo "EXTERNAL COMMAND ALERT"
                echo $line >> file1
         if [ "$TypeAlert" = "HOST ALERT" ]
                echo "HOST ALERT"
                echo $line >> file2
           if [ "$TypeAlert" = "SERVICE DOWNTIME ALERT" ]
                echo "SERVICE DOWNTIME ALERT"
                echo $line >> file3
              if [ "$TypeAlert" = "HOST DOWNTIME ALERT" ]
                 echo "HOST DOWNTIME ALERT"
                echo $line >> file4
                if [ "$TypeAlert" = "SERVICE DOWNTIME ALERT" ]
                        echo "[SERVICE DOWNTIME ALERT]"
                        echo $line >> file5

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Old 08-20-2009
Let me try it...

Looks good and way cleaner than my script Smilie

Thank you!
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Old 08-20-2009
We can use only awk:
awk -F'\]|:' '{line=$0;sub("^ ","",$2);sub(" ","_",$2);file=$2;print line >> file;close(file)}' file

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Old 08-20-2009

I dont understand all your code, I cant imagine how it separates the alert types... besides that, it is giving me an error:
awk: (FILENAME=file FNR=196) fatal: expression for `>>' redirection has null string value

Thank you!
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Old 08-20-2009
Can you post the source filename and the line 196
awk 'NR==196' file

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Old 08-20-2009
Hi danmero,

It was an empty line, the file has many... I already fixed a few and crop the file to try your script, it's good, I like the Idea. I will try to add some modifications and try the shell script with a CASE statement to see which is faster...

Is there anyway to make awk skip blank lines?

Thank you!
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