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Old 08-20-2009
search pattern present in second field

Hi All,

I have a file with following list.

example 1
cat 1.txt

Also i have another file 2.txt in which the data is in this format as shown:

cat 2.txt


Now i wrote script to take each pattern from 1.txt and grep in 2.txt and if the result matches then redirect to 3.txt

for i in `cat 1.txt`
  grep "$i" 2.txt >>3.txt

But my requirement is to grep for a given pattern which should be present in the second field of the 2.txt then only print it.

example 2


If you notice i placed a hypen --- at the start and end of the pattern to be searched.

I want this kind of result but not the one which is shown in my first example.

Your help is much appreciated.


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Old 08-20-2009
something like this :

for i in `cat 1.txt`
awk -F"|" -v ser="$i" '$2 ~ ser { print }' 2.txt  >> 3.txt

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Old 08-20-2009
No it gives me the following error

awk: syntax error near line 1
awk: bailing out near line 1
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Old 08-20-2009
Use nawk or gawk instead.
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Old 08-20-2009
Hi Panyam,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you very much.
Yes, finally i got the expected output.

But, Please please please do let me know which books i refer from beginner, intermediate and advance level in scripting so that i can be more independent and help dumb ppl like me who are trying to convey that unix is more user friendly, fastest and reliable O/S.

Please do post your reply.

Iam eagerly waiting for your reply.

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Old 08-20-2009

Hope if you google you will get more and more links and resources.

I really don't have any idea on the best books , but for awk/sed these links

are useful.


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Old 08-20-2009
Hi Panyam,

Thanks for your time and suggestion for the awk/sed links.
Definitely i will try to improve my knowledge.

Once again thanks to you and all unix forum members.

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