[bash] Run a program many times

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[bash] Run a program many times


I'm running a program many times with differents input.
I mean that i run my_prog with some parameters and i wait till the end, then i start again another simulations with some others differents parameters.

Is possible to make it automatic with a script bash.
Maybe i need some function to check if the program has completed its task.



Sorry for the post. I've already found a solution.
We can use the pidof function. It works like:

if [ (pidof process_name) ] then

echo "It's already running"


echo "Not running"

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is like you say xD
if pidof $1 
    echo "Is runnig"
    echo "Is NOT runnig"

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Re; [bash] Run a program many times

Any reason why you wouldn't use "wait" ?

I'm assuming from what you say the program is running in the background, hence the issue with regards to knowing what it's finished .. how about something like;

for i in `cat parameters`
    echo "Testing with $i"
    time ./my_prog $i
    wait $!

Depending on your parameters you'll probably need something a little more complete than "cat parameters", but in principle this will wait for my_prog to finish even if it backgrounds ..

Or .. for a batch in parallel ..

function me()
    ./my_prog $1
    list="$list $!"

for i in `cat parameters`
    echo "Testing with $i"
    time me $i

wait $list

'Course if they all finish around the same time, the output from "time" might be interesting to interpret ... Smilie
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