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shell script - ftp downloading serveral files without mget

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting shell script - ftp downloading serveral files without mget
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Old 08-20-2009
You has to make the smae probe...if shell use mget yo need to probe with mget... in you response i understand you use get...

If you has define max_file=5 you first see 5 lines:
ftp error
ftp error
ftp error
ftp error
ftp error

and in the 5 DEBUG the shell call to de function
i would except something like this:

DEBUG:File Name=[XXXX]
ftp: No control connection for command.
DEBUG:File Name=[XXXX]
ftp: No control connection for command.
DEBUG:File Name=[XXXX]
ftp: No control connection for command.
DEBUG:File Name=[XXXX]
ftp: No control connection for command.
To see this you need tu put max_file=1 Smilie

Well if you probe to make a conection
and use get and is ok... then change in the script

"mget $buffer" for "get $buffer"

and put
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Old 08-20-2009
very big thanks to you chipcmc

it works fine with get Smilie

now i will tried to move them to another folder after downloading, hope this script won't download the files if they are in a subfolder of the folder from which i download...

while read file
         echo "DEBUG:File Name=[$file]"
         buffer="$buffer $file"
         conta=$(expr $conta + 1)
         if [ $max_file -eq $conta ]
           send_ftp "mget $buffer" "/dev/null"
send_ftp "rename $buffer subfolder/$buffer" "/dev/null"
 done <$file_list

could it work like this?
i will try with test files^^
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Old 08-20-2009
turn off interactive mode

have you tried turning off interactive mode before using mget * ?
ftp to server
type prompt <enter>
this will turn off interactive mode, now try mget *
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Old 08-20-2009
it works is a great notice xD ... in this case the problem is ftp server ar pasive and active mode and if you has a proxy i think maybe there are a not correct configuration.
I read something about the ftp internali open another ports.. and something happends when sftp_server has to redirect the paquets to the client...but a don't remember so well.

Originally Posted by dennysv
have you tried turning off interactive mode before using mget * ?
ftp to server
type prompt <enter>
this will turn off interactive mode, now try mget *
in theory for this propose is the option -i in the ftp:
-i Disable interactive prompting by multiple-file commands; see
the prompt command, below. By default, when this option is
not specified, prompting is enabled.
and this option is put in the shell.
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Old 09-07-2009
now i need to download only the newest files from the ftp (uploaded within the last 5 minutes)

i thought about checking last modification date and compare it to the date timestamp, but how do i do that in ftp?

if [ $(($(date +%s)-$(date +%s -r $file))) -le 300 ]; then 
             echo "old $file"; 
             echo "new $file";

date doesn't work in ftp, is there a similar command for ftp???
# 20  
Old 09-11-2009
um.. Im a noob so this prolly wont work but your not wanting the date, your wanting an Evaluation of the date right ??

`date '+%s'`
<- your missing the single quotes for the formatting of the date...

Man date...see what shows....
...again im prolly wrong

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