Need to run same script multiple times in parallel

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Old 08-15-2009
Need to run same script multiple times in parallel

Hi all,

I have a requirement in which a script invokes a Java program.

Lets say script ABC invokes a java program with cfg file a parameter.

This script takes 10 minutes to execute .

Like this ineed to run the program 10 times meaning 100 minutes if i do it sequentially.

If i open different consoles and run the program i need to open 10 consoles.

But the requirement is dynamin i may need to run teh script 30 tiems as well.

Thus the option of openeing a unix console for every script is not advisable.

My though process is to run a run which has command to invoke Java program.


ABC xyz_1.cfg
ABC xyz_2.cfg
ABC xyz_3.cfg
ABC xyz_4.cfg

Now id i run this eventhen it execuets in sequence. Thus not fulfilling the purpose.

IS there a way in shel scripting where we can force the script to execute the next command without waiting for the prsent commands output or end of execution

Thanks all in advance
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Old 08-15-2009
ok.. I'll bite..

add an '&' to the end of each command line. The shell will execute them in parallel with it's own execution. It will not wait. there are ways to keep track of the background jobs if you need to..
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Old 08-15-2009
Thanks buddy

It works perfectly fine
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