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parsing(xml) using nawk/awk

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting parsing(xml) using nawk/awk
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Old 08-13-2009
parsing(xml) using nawk/awk

Hi ,

I have an xml format as shown below:
<last name="sean" first name="john"/>
<period="5" time="11"/>
<test value="1",test2 value="2",test3 value="3",test4 value="5">
<last name="sean" first name="micheal"/>
<period="10" time="20"/>
<test value="7",test2 value="8",test3 value="9",test4 value="10">

output that i need is:
firstname,period,time,test_value,test3_value,test4_value,old_value1,old_value2,new_value1, new_value2,total

I just now how to parse <total>20</total> by using this
nawk 'BEGIN{FS="[<|>]"}
/<total>/ {printf(" %s\n"$3)}'

However, i do have have any ides on how to parse the rest of the file.

Anyone can know about that?

Your help is highly appreciated.
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Old 08-13-2009
there are lots of xml parsing threads available in the forum..
check out if they are useful to you.

some posts -- thread1, thread2, thread3

hope it helps.

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