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Old 08-12-2009
special characters handling in perl


Here is my piece of code--

sub per_user_qna_detail
		if($records[$index] =~ m/^(.*)\s*Morocco.*Entering\s*Module::authenticate/)
			printf "INSIDE per_user_qna_detail on LINE NO $index\n";
			$Time_Stamp = $1;

sub search_for_username_and_no_of_questions
	printf "ENTERING INSIDE search_for_username_and_no_of_questions ON LINENO=$index\n";
		#printf "LINENO=$index\n";
		if ($records[$index] =~ /userName\s+:\[(..*)\]/)
			$User_Name = $1;
			$User_Name =~ s/\s+//g;
			$User_Name= "'"  .   $User_Name     .  "'";
			print "User_Name = $User_Name\n";
				if ($records[$index] =~ /Set\s+of\s+questions\(bitmap\)\s+selected\s+:\s+(\d+)/)
					print "Inside set of questions bitmap selected\n";
					$Bitmap_Number_For_Questions = $1;
					printf "PRASANNA:$User_Name\n";
					print "$Bitmap_Number_For_Questions is no of questions for $User_Name\n";
					print "$Time_Stamp is time stamp for $User_Name\n";
					printf "EXITING INSIDE search_for_username_and_no_of_questions ON LINENO=$index\n";
					return 0;

	 printf "EXITING INSIDE search_for_username_and_no_of_questions ON LINENO=$index\n";

The code is working fine as expected if a user name is numeric, but if a username contains any special characters then it is failing.

The snippet of the log file is this---

Entering Module::authenticate

pid 2172 tid 3124: 160: 10110847: userName :[app@abc.com]
pid 2172 tid 3124: 160: 10110847: Set of questions(bitmap) selected : 7

and the other part is ---
pid 2172 tid 3124: 160: 10110851: Auth - Success and Complete, Returning SUCCESS
Wed May 20 08:19:17.594 2009 Morocco Standard Time INFO:    pid 2172 tid 3124: 160: 10110851: Exiting QnAModule::authenticate
ArAuthFrameworkImpl::doPostAuth::1:10110850:: Authentication mechanism returned [0] for AuthIdentity [APP@ABC.COM]

The expected result is like this--
Fri May 29 18:52:06.967 2009  , 'abc_kal.nt' , 6 ,  "Success" 
Fri May 29 18:52:38.592 2009  , 'nt@abc.com' , 9 ,  "Success" 
Fri May 29 18:58:49.717 2009  , '12345678' , 12 ,  "Success" 
Fri May 29 18:59:34.107 2009  , 'app@abc.com' , 12 , "Failure" 
Fri May 29 19:00:00.936 2009  , '98765432' , 12 , "Failure"

and the final result which is coming is this--
Fri May 29 18:58:49.717 2009  , '12345678' , 12 ,  "Success" 
Fri May 29 19:00:00.936 2009  , '98765432' , 12 , "Failure"

for this snippet i am not getting the desired result.
I did some googling and tried some options but they are not working for us.
Kindly suggest something to get it working.

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