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Grouping using sed/awk ?

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Old 08-12-2009
Grouping using sed/awk ?

I run awk
cat $1|awk '{print $6}'

and get a lot of results and I want results to group them. For example my result is (o/p is unknown to user)



I wanna group them as
xyz=total found 7
abc=total ....

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Old 08-12-2009
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Old 08-12-2009
you can...
awk '{A[$6]++}END{for(i in A){print i"=Total found "A[i]}}' filename

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Old 08-16-2009
Thank you.

Originally Posted by vidyadhar85
you can...
awk '{A[$6]++}END{for(i in A){print i"=Total found "A[i]}}' filename

This is what I am looking for.Thank you very much.

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