Generating random numbers

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Generating random numbers


I am having trouble with generating random numbers. can this be done with awk?

So I have a file that looks like this:

23 30
24 40
26 34

So column1 is start and column2 is end. I want to generate 3 random #'s between start and stop:

So the output will look like this:

23 30 26 28 29
24 40 24 28 38
26 34 28 30 31

where the last 3 columns are random numbers. Is this possible?

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use $RANDOM and appropriate MOD function.
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does the $RANDOM function work for awk?
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Use -v construct of awk, to read the shell variable into awk processing
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Please try the below if you are looking for solution in Perl,

my ($start, $end) = split(/\s/,$_);
my $arr = [$start..$end];
push (my @result,$start,$end);
push(@result, $arr->[rand(scalar(@$arr))]);
print "@result\n";
23 30
24 40
26 34
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you can play around with this awk code.
r=int(((rand() *(1+MAX-MIN))+MIN));

# 7  
# or bash
cat file | while read a b
        echo -n "$a $b"
        ((n=RANDOM % max + a))
        echo -n " $n"
        ((n=RANDOM % max + a))
        echo -n " $n"
        ((n=RANDOM % max + a))
        echo " $n"

You can use shell services also in awk like - not so good as use rand. Shell using = lot of overheading:
     # define cmd
     cmd="echo $RANDOM"
     cmd | getline  random
     # close pipe

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