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Old 08-04-2009
Handling blank spaces


I am trying to replace a specific column values in a csv file with double quotes when I am find embedded spaces with in the fields.


1,Robert,74538,12,34, M,Robert Street, NY
2,Sam,07564,13,M,12 Main Ave, CA
3,Kim, Ed,12345,14,M,123D , MN

Desired Output:

1,Robert Ken,74538,12,"34, Robert Street, NY"
2,Sam Mik,"07564",13,"12 Main Ave, CA"
3,"Kim, Ed",12345,14,"123D , MN"

As per my requirement, I was able to replace the ZIPCODE value with double quotes when I find a leading zeros for the zipcode. Also, I would like to replace the name in double quotes when I find a embedded comma with in the NAME.

Can someone tell me how to handle the embedded spaces(spaces can be one or many) and comma with in a field value as per the above example in the ADDRESS field.

following code was able to handly ZIPCODE and NAME

sed -e 's/,\(0[0-9]*\)/,\"\1\"/g' -e 's/,\([A-Za-z]*, [A-Za-z]*\),/,\"\1\",/g' tempfile.csv > file.csv

Thanks Smilie-

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I got it...

sed -e 's/,\(0[0-9]*\)/,\"\1\"/g' -e 's/,\([ 0-9A-Za-z]*, [ 0-9A-Za-z]*\),/,\"\1\",/g' -e 's/,\([ 0-9A-Za-z]*, [ 0-9A-Za-z]*\),/,\"\1\",/g' file.csv
> tempfile.csv


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Old 08-05-2009
You input and your output dont match.
Example: There is no "Kim" in input while it is present in output.

sed 's/^\([[:digit:]]\{1,\}\),\([[:alpha:]][[:alpha:], ]*\),\([[:digit:]]\{5\}\),\([[:alnum:]]\{1,2\}\),\(.*\)$/\1,\"\2\",\3,"\5"/' comaquotes.txt

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