Changing the sequence number

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Old 08-04-2009
Changing the sequence number


I have a data as follow:

1 400
2 239
3 871
4 219
5 543
6 ...
7 ...
.. ...
.. ...
99 818
100 991

I want to replace the sequence number (column 1) that start from 150. The output should like this:

150 400
151 239
153 871
154 219
155 543

Can anyone tell me AWK code for this....

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Old 08-04-2009
#!/bin/ksh # or bash
# using ex.:  cat somefile | ./thisscript
while read a b
   (( a+=149 ))
   echo "$a $b"

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awk '{print $1+149,$2 }' file
# or only col1 is edited, no need to know number of columns
awk '{$1+=149; print }' file

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Old 08-04-2009
Originally Posted by nica
Can anyone tell me AWK code for this....
awk '{$1=$1+149}1' file

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Old 08-04-2009
Thanks kshji & danmero Smilie
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