2 dimensional array in unix

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Old 07-27-2009
2 dimensional array in unix

I am trying to implementing two dimensinal array in ksh script.Would you pls help me out.

I have a large size of file, File contains looks like


1 a1 01 02 03
1 b1 02 05 07
3 c1 01 09 10
3 c1 11 09 20

I want to create a file or report which displays All the values by ID and SID

For example

Report By ID type

1 01 02 02 05 03 07
3 01 11 09 09 10 20

Report By SID type

a1 01 02 03

Then we can calculate minimum, maximum , avg values from the list.

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echo $file_name

echo $tmp_file
while read line; do

Id=$(echo $line|awk '{print $1}')
Sid=$(echo $line|awk '{print $2}')
Val1=$(echo $line|awk '{print $3}')
Val2=$(echo $line|awk '{print $4}')
Total_val=$(echo $line|awk '{print $5}')
#echo $Feed_Id
if [ $Prev_Id == $Id ];then

#Here I want to push the Id and all the values into an array or hash that can hold uniq Id and all the values.


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Can anyone help me out.
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Old 07-27-2009
how about something like:

#  awk '{t[$1]=t[$1]" "$3" "$4" "$5}END{print "Report By ID type\n";for (x in t) print x,t[x]}' infile
Report By ID type

3  01 09 10 11 09 20
1  01 02 03 02 05 07

And similarly for SID (i.e. $2)...
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Old 07-27-2009
  my @tmp = split;
  push @{$id{$tmp[0]}}, $tmp[2]." ".$tmp[3]." ".$tmp[4];
  push @{$sid{$tmp[1]}}, $tmp[2]." ".$tmp[3]." ".$tmp[4];
print "----id-----\n";
foreach my $key (keys %id){
 print $key," @{$id{$key}}\n";

print "------sid-----\n";
foreach my $key (keys %sid){
 print $key," @{$sid{$key}}\n";
1 a1 01 02 03
1 b1 02 05 07 
3 c1 01 09 10
3 c1 11 09 20

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