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storing output from echo & cut into variable

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting storing output from echo & cut into variable
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Old 07-26-2009
storing output from echo & cut into variable

Hi All,

Hope someone can advise here as I have been struggling to find a syntax that works here. I have tried a stack of combination I have seed in the forums but I think because I have needed to use "" and `` in the statments another method is found.

I am reading in lines with the following


The number of fields may differ between 3 and 17

I need to store the output from the following echo statements to a variable, but cannot seem to do it. When I execute this is works fine, I used echo to allow me to view each line that is being read in from a file I previously created.

echo $EachLine |cut -d":" -f1
echo $EachLine |cut -d":" -f`expr $COUNTER + 1`

Here is the code in context.
while read EachLine
while [ $COUNTER -le $NOPHONES ]
echo $EachLine
echo $EachLine |cut -d":" -f1
echo $EachLine |cut -d":" -f`expr $COUNTER + 1`
# Output variables below in different order to file2.
# End of output to file2
done < file1.$$

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

---------- Post updated at 09:47 AM ---------- Previous update was at 09:27 AM ----------

I have managed to get one all but one of the statments working now. using

STRRECNO="`echo "$EachLine" |cut -d":" -f1`"

However the following line does not work I think still due to the `` but I

STRPHONENUM="`echo "$EachLine" |cut -d":" -f`expr $COUNTER + 1``"

Thanks for any help

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Old 07-26-2009
STRPHONENUM=$(echo "$EachLine" |cut -d":" -f`expr $COUNTER + 1`)

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