How to loop through every char in a string

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Old 07-23-2009
I also found the interesting fold command
> echo 'gLZMQp8i' | fold -w1

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Originally Posted by aigles
A possible solution :
$ cat
$ cat
eval $( echo "$*" | \
        awk  '
          { l += gsub(/[a-z]/, "");
            u += gsub(/[A-Z]/, "");
            d += gsub(/[0-9]/, ""); }
          END {
                   l, u, d) } '
echo lower=$lower_cnt
echo upper=$upper_cnt
echo digit=$digit_cnt
$ Happy New Year 2010

Thanks, there must be simple way to do it.
expr is promising, but i can't get it work

expr "gLZMQp8i" : '[0-9]'

Now the quetion is how to sum the the number of each class?
a-z, A-Z and 0-9

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That is what i have worked out so far.

var2=`echo $var| sed 's/[A-Z]//g'`
total_upper= $((${#var}-${#var2}))
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Old 07-23-2009
total_upper=$(echo "$var" | awk '{print gsub(/[A-Z]/,"")}')

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Old 07-23-2009
how about something along lines of:

#   echo 'gLZMQp8i' | fold -w1 | sed 's/[a-z]/%/;s/[A-Z]/^/;s/[0-9]/=/' | sort |uniq -c | sort -nr | tr "^%=" "Ul#"
   4 U
   3 l
   1 #

i.e. 4 upper (U), 3 lower(l) and 1 number (#)

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