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while loop with 3 ifs

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while loop with 3 ifs

im messing up somehwere...and can't seem to clean up the script...for it to work


1. check for today's file, and sleep 30 secs between retries
2. only allow 5 tries before script should fail.
3. if today's file found, wait 30 seconds for it to process..


while [ $count -lt 5 ]
    count=`expr $count + 1`
    echo "Try $count"
    RUNDATE=`date "+%h%e"`
    filedate=`ls -l file.xml | awk '{print $6,$7}`
    if [ $count -ge 5 ]
      echo "Too many retries"
      echo "Please check source why the file is not imported"
       exit 0
     if [ "$filedate" = "$RUNDATE" ] 
     echo "Today's file is ready for processing."
         echo "Sleeping 30 secs to allow it to process "
      sleep 30
    if [ "$filedate" != "$RUNDATE" ]
      echo "File date in directory is $filedate and today's date is $RUNDATE. They don't match"
  echo "Sleeping 30 seconds and trying again; 5 tries is my limit"
          sleep 30

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Can someone assist please? Smilie
# 4  
 if [ $count -ge 5 ]; then

is the correct syntax.
# 5  
count=`expr $count + 1`
this is the if - else construct

if [ $count -eq 2 ]
echo "yes"
echo "no"

missing ' then '
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Btw, if you use sed -x to debug, life would be easy.
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Originally Posted by sigh2010
while [ $count -lt 5 ]
    count=`expr $count + 1`
    echo "Try $count"

count will never get greater that 4, first if is not required.

Originally Posted by sigh2010
   RUNDATE=`date "+%h%e"`
    filedate=`ls -l file.xml | awk '{print $6,$7}`

$RUNDATE and $filedate will never match here, check why.

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