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Old 07-02-2009
Python in UNIX


I am going to handle a project that uses Python on AIX or SunSolaris Plateform. Please tell me what is Python and how and why we should use Python.
Please suggest.

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Old 07-02-2009
Why don't you go directly to Python's site, try some examples, and see if that is your cup of tea? However, since you said you are working on a project that requires Python, sounds like you will need to embark on it anyway regardless ....

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Old 07-02-2009
Originally Posted by sanjay1979

I am going to handle a project that uses Python on AIX or SunSolaris Plateform. Please tell me what is Python and how and why we should use Python.
Please suggest.

Python is a general purpose programming language. why don't you go to the Python documentation site and learn all about it.

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