How to check files and move the results to differents files?

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How to check files and move the results to differents files?


I am a newbie to shell scripting. here is my objective:
1)The shell program should take 2 parameters - ie-> DestinationFolder, WebFolder
2)Destination folder contains few files that has to has be verified and deleted.
3)WebFolder is a folder containing a list of master files
4)It should output 3 files - InWebFolder.txt, MalformedMailIDs.txt, NotInWebFolder.txt. THIS IS THE END RESULT
5)For each file in DestinationFolder
  1. Find if it contains a valid mail ID.
  2. If no,
    1. see if there is an "@" in the file. If yes, write the full filename and path in the MalformedMailIDs.txt file
    2. If there is no "@" symbol, the file is simply to be discarded
  3. Check if that ID is found in WebFolder.
    1. If not present, retain the file and put the filename in the NotInWebFolder.txt file
    2. If present, delete that file and put the full filename in the InWebFolder.txt file
How do i do this. can anyone plz guide me.
thanks in advance
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what have you tried till now??
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