trapping error for a grep in for a loop

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trapping error for a grep in for a loop

How can I trap and print "cannot find the pattern" when the grep is unable to find the specified pattern in the file using the for loop below ?

Any help would be appreciated.

bash3.4> cat test_file


for x in `grep -n "mango" test_file |cut -d":" -f1`
echo $x
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There might be other better ways to do it, but this works too...

x=`grep -n "mango" test_file |cut -d":" -f1`
if [[ -z $x ]]; then
   echo "cannot find the pattern"
   return 1;
   echo "match found"
for y in $x
   echo $y

# 3  
Grep will return 1 if it can't mind a match, but the problem is you're piping it thought "cut", which doesn't fail. If you said

for x in `grep -n "mango" test_file`
echo $x
echo $?

Then the "exit code" from the for loop will be 1
# 4  

for x in `grep -n "mango" test_file |cut -d":" -f1`
if [ -n "$x" ];then
echo $x String is not empty
echo $x String is empty

I hope this help!
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First of all Let me thank you guys for posting the solutions so quickly.
I have tried each one of the code that was posted.

although arunsoman80 solution I liked apprently it does not work because of the return 1 and "-z" switch in the if statement.

scottn solution makes me twist the logic.

research3 solution fits perfect !

whatever it is, all you guys seem to be real knowlegeble and seem to have a good grip on unix

Thanks once again.
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