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Help with Getopt::Std

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Old 06-23-2009
Help with Getopt::Std

I am working on a script that lists files in a directory with a few file attributes depending on what option the user specifies at the command prompt. The script uses Getopt::Std and takes two switches.

The first switch allows the user to specify a directory, the second switch gives a long listing of the specified directory. For the most part, the switches work, and I get the required output, but if either switch is used and no argument is given, I need the script to use the current directory for the script. I am not sure how to specify that in the code.

I am using a regular IF statment now, just looking for tips on how to implement what I need.

I am doing very basic like this for now:
if ($option_d) {

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Old 06-23-2009
I just wrote this amazing script.

Check it:
ls /some/directory

OR, for the long listing:
ls -l /some/directory

OR, for the current directory:

ORRR, for a long listing of the current directory:
ls -l

If that isn't really want you wanted to accomplish, please be more specific. Based on your description of the problem, my neato "script" will solve the problem you described.
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Old 06-23-2009
Thank you, you have proven that you are internet-awesome.

Good job.
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Old 06-23-2009
You're welcome. I'm glad that I could assist.

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