Take action if a particular file appears in a directory

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Old 06-10-2009
Take action if a particular file appears in a directory

This is my task - pls help

Write a script that will run every 5 min and check if a particular file has appeared in a particular directory. Once it appears then rename the file and move it a bkp directory and run another script.

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Old 06-10-2009
Well, it is your task, so what have you tried?
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Old 06-10-2009
to run your script every 5 minutes, you need to schedule a cron job, see - https://www.unix.com/answers-frequent...n-crontab.html

the script would be something like:
if [ -e $file_to_check ] ; then
# Check if file exists
  mv $file_to_check $file_to_check.backup    # Rename the file
  mv $file_to_check.backup $backup_dir       # And move it to a backup dir
  another_script   # Run another script

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Old 06-10-2009
Originally Posted by KevinADC
Well, it is your task, so what have you tried?
THis is my file named mycron which I add it to the crontab entry later to run every 5 mins and this works. But I havnt done the last part - to run another script if everything succeeds.

Thanks for the reply Yogesh. But in ur code, what if the mv fails - ie, say the destination directory doesnt exist or something else ... only after all this succeeds I need to start another script.

# Taking action if a particular file appears in a dir


count=`find "$filename" | wc -l`

if [ "$count" -eq 1 ]

# Renaming filename
mv $filename $new_filename
echo "$filename" renamed to "$new_filename"

# Moving to backup directory

mkdir "$bkup_dir"
mv "$new_filename" "$bkup_dir/$(basename $new_filename)"
echo "$new_filename" moved to "$bkup_dir"
echo "No file found - "$filename""
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