arranging datas if input file is not having also...!!

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Old 06-03-2009
arranging datas if input file is not having also...!!


my input file is containg uid, eriMaster ,eriResign, ericontry, dept.
some of the uid are not having all info.

out put should include all info irrespctive of datas of input file
if any one data is missing, then it has to print Null or zero..then continue with the existing one.

here is the code

while(<FILE>) {
my $WORD = $_;
chop $WORD;
printf FILE1 "\n". $WORD." " ;
}else {

printf FILE1 " ".$WORD." ";
printf FILE1 " ".$WORD." ";
printf FILE1 " ".$WORD." "
printf FILE1 " ".$WORD." ";


thanks in advance..
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Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL - Add index and search methods to Apache::Session::MySQL SYNOPSIS
use Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL; my $args = { DataSource => 'dbi:mysql:sessions', UserName => $db_user, Password => $db_pass, LockDataSource => 'dbi:mysql:sessions', LockUserName => $db_user, LockPassword => $db_pass, # Choose your browseable fileds Index => 'uid mail', }; # Use it like Apache::Session my %session; tie %session, 'Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL', $id, $args; $session{uid} = 'me'; $session{mail} = ''; $session{unindexedField} = 'zz'; untie %session; # Apache::Session::Browseable add some global class methods # # 1) search on a field (indexed or not) my $hash = Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL->searchOn( $args, 'uid', 'me' ); foreach my $id (keys %$hash) { print $id . ":" . $hash->{$id}->{mail} . " "; } # 2) Parse all sessions # a. get all sessions my $hash = Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL->get_key_from_all_sessions(); # b. get some fields from all sessions my $hash = Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL->get_key_from_all_sessions('uid', 'mail') # c. execute something with datas from each session : # Example : get uid and mail if mail domain is my $hash = Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL->get_key_from_all_sessions( sub { my ( $session, $id ) = @_; if ( $session->{mail} =~ /$/ ) { return { $session->{uid}, $session->{mail} }; } } ); foreach my $id (keys %$hash) { print $id . ":" . $hash->{$id}->{uid} . "=>" . $hash->{$id}->{mail} . " "; } DESCRIPTION
Apache::Session::browseable provides some class methods to manipulate all sessions and add the capability to index some fields to make research faster. SEE ALSO
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Copyright (C) 2009 by Xavier Guimard This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.10.1 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available. perl v5.14.2 2010-12-08 Apache::Session::Browseable::MySQL(3pm)

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