read xml tag attribute and store it in variable

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read xml tag attribute and store it in variable


How to read xml tag attributes and store into variable in shell script?

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Show an example input and desired output. Use [ CODE ] tags when display code, data or logs please Smilie
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this is xml from which i want to read attribute 'transaction' and 'document_mode' and put it in some variables in shell script
Xml :
<PURCHASE_10 partner="food" version="1.50" timestamp="2009-03-10T09:56:55" transaction="PURCHASEORDER" document_mode="abc">
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Here is the solution

tranOrder=$(sed '/transaction/s/\(.*transaction=\)\(.*\)/\2/' fileName|awk -F\" '{print $2}')
docMode=$(sed '/document_mode/s/\(.*document_mode=\)\(.*\)/\2/' fileName|awk -F\" '{print $2}')
echo $tranOrder $docMode
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while read line
trans=$(echo $line | sed -n 's/.*\" transaction=\"\([^"]*\)\" .*/\1/p')
doc=$(echo $line | sed ' -n s/.*\" document_mode=\"\([^"]*\)\".*/\1/p')
echo "$trans"
echo "$docs"
done < xmlfile

-Devaraj Takhellambam
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$ eval $(tr '[< >]' '\n' < file1 | egrep 'transaction|document_mode')
$ echo $transaction $document_mode

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