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Parse 1 column and add 2nd column

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Old 05-12-2009
Parse 1 column and add 2nd column

I'm racking my brain on this one! Smilie

I have a list like this:

Paul 20
Paul 25
Paul 30

Frank 10

Julie 15
Julie 13
etc, etc...

I've been trying to figure out a way to have the output display the name in the first column ONCE and add the numbers in the second column and display that next to the name:

Paul 75
Frank 10
Julie 28

I've tried all sort of combination's of 'sed', 'awk' and 'uniq' and no matter what I try I cannot get a single name output with a total.

Thoughts??? Hints?
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Old 05-12-2009
nawk '{a[$1]+=$2} END { for(i in a) print i, a[i]}' myFile

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Old 05-12-2009

Wow, fast response! That worked perfectly!

Thank you very much!!

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