Multiple search string in multiple files using awk

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Old 05-05-2009
Multiple search string in multiple files using awk


contains name of list of files to search in.

contains the names of places to be searched in all files in "filenames"

for i in $(<filenames)
egrep -f placelist  $i
if [[ $? == 0 ]]
echo $i
done >> outputfile

Output i am getting:
I want output like this.

Appreciate help
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KPSEWHICH(1)						      General Commands Manual						      KPSEWHICH(1)

kpsewhich - standalone path lookup and and expansion for kpathsea SYNOPSIS
kpsewhich [options] [filenames] DESCRIPTION
This manual page is not meant to be exhaustive. The complete documentation for this version of TeX can be found in the info file or manual Kpathsea: A library for path searching. kpsewhich is used as a standalone front-end of the kpathsea library that can be used to examine variables and find files. When the -format option is not given, the search path used when looking for a file is inferred from the name given, by looking for a known extension. If no known extension is found, the search path for TeX source files is used. OPTIONS
kpsewhich accepts the following options: -debug num Set debugging flags. -D num Use a base resolution of num; the default, set by the installer, is typically 600. -dpi num As -D. -engine string Set $engine in the environment, which is used in some search paths. -expand-braces string Print variable and brace expansion of string. -expand-path string Print complete path expansion of string. -expand-var string Print variable expansion of string. -format name Use file type name. See the info manual for a list of valid names, or use the -help option to print the list. -help Print help message and exit. -interactive Ask for additional filenames to look up. -mktex fmt enable mktexfmt generation. (fmt=pk/mf/tex/tfm) -mode string Set device name for $MAKETEX_MODE to string; no default. -must-exist Search the disk as well as ls-R if necessary. -no-mktex fmt disable mktexfmt generation. (fmt=pk/mf/tex/tfm) -path string Search in the path string. -progname string Set program name to string. -show-path name Output search path for file type name. See the info manual for a list of valid names, or use the -help option to print the list. -var-value variable Print the expansion of variable. -version Print version information and exit. SEE ALSO
mktexlsr(1), mktexmf(1), mktexpk(1), mktextfm(1). Kpathsea 6.1.0 1 March 2011 KPSEWHICH(1)

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