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summing up the fields in fixed width file

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting summing up the fields in fixed width file
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Old 04-07-2009
summing up the fields in fixed width file


I have a fixed width file with some records as given below:

" 1000Nalsdjflj243324jljlj"
" 0010Njsfsjklj342344fsl"

I want to sum-up first field values(i.e from 2nd character to 6th character)of each record.

so for the above file i want to add (1000 - 300+ 10)

For this Im using the below awk code:
amount=`awk '{a=substr($0,2,4)} {sum+=a} {print sum}' filename`

But the value im getting in "amount" variable is "1000 700 710".

I want to get only the final total(i.e only 710) in "amount" variable.

Please help me in this and let me know any other better options to achive this.

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Old 04-07-2009
Add everything up and "END" print the final result:
awk '{sum+=substr($0,2,5)}END{print sum}' filename

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Old 04-07-2009

Thanks danmero ... its working fine now.. !

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