awk file size limit

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Data awk file size limit

My code is

awk '{

NEWSTRING="main_"a[out-1]"_"a[out]"(" # The word we want to insert
gsub(/main\(/,NEWSTRING); # the word to be replaced
print "Main becomes ",NEWSTRING")","in file ",FILENAME >> "/home/ds2/test/NEW2.txt"
print NEWSTRING")" >> "/home/ds2/test/MAIN2.txt"
print FILENAME >> "/home/ds2/test/NAME2.txt"
print $0 > FILENAME;


if the input size was more than 4K the function fails,,,, so pls any suggestions???
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Depending on the OS gawk (GNU awk) handles longer lines, more fields, more records and bigger files and is compatible with awk. Take a look at:
The GNU Awk User's Guide
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Maybe there are more approaches to solve the problem, post your input file and the desired outputs.

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dear tony,, I tried gawk but nothing happens,,, pls help me urgently....
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Originally Posted by senior_ahmed
dear tony,, I tried gawk but nothing happens,,, pls help me urgently....
Is gawk installed try running:

# updatedb; locate gawk | grep bin

# rpm -q gawk

# whereis gawk

# type gawk

If none of those give a positive response then you do not have it installed.

What operating system are you running please?
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