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SubMenu Exit problem!

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting SubMenu Exit problem!
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SubMenu Exit problem!

I basically have a menu driven script in which one of the options from the main menu would open a sub menu, this works fine but i can't seem to be able to exit the sub menu back to the main menu....any ideas?
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open sub menu using exec command
# 3  
I can open the sub menu, the problem is exiting back to the main menu, when i exit the sub menu it just closes the script.
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thats why i said use exec it will open the sub menu in a seperate subshell so when its over control will be back to main shell go through the man page of exec.
# 5  
I'm calling the sub menu as a function so when i use exec it doesn't work.
# 6  
got it, I use Break;; and it returns to main menu, thanks for the help anyways!

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